The ECOA System

What makes us different?

Old Legacy Systems of Basketball Officiating Camps

You just finished a game and the evaluator comes into the locker room and rattles off numerous plays for which you need to review and correct hopefully prior to your next game. You are trying to recall the plays as the evaluator speaks and as the words are spoken you are still lost on the first play. Been there done that. Retention: minimal.

ECOA System

Is predicated on Greg’s experience during his military career. An example of such was during weapons training as he is shooting at his target Greg had a little problem hitting such as the rounds were not even in proximity of the other soldiers targets. Within seconds Greg found a Drill Sergeant spewing expletives to adjust his site line. This would repeat itself for the next several hours where Greg finally retained the ability to hit his target.

There was no waiting by the Drill Sergeant until Greg fired several hundred rounds and at the conclusion of the weapons training be given feedback on what to do to improve (think old legacy basketball officiating camps). The feedback was immediate, Greg was expected to make the correction and execute accordingly.

It was through that experience and over 20 years in the military that Greg developed what is today the ECOA System.

You fail to rotate to ball side, no waiting for halftime or the end of the game to provide feedback, the on court observer will replace you with another official immediately, feedback will be provided on the correct behavior and then you will be placed back into the game. You fail to rotate to ball side again, see above.

This system is predicated on a dedicated expert staff first and foremost on point every play evaluating an official’s performance.

The ultimate goal of the ECOA System is no different than when Greg finally learnt to correctly engage his target during weapons training. Recognize, self-correct and execute.

We will provide you the ECOA Basic Training are you ready to climb into the foxhole?