(Scotland) Act 2000, The Northumberland Church of England Academy, "Knitting Circle 1989 Section 28 gleanings", "A reflection on HIV/AIDS research after 25 years", "Pneumocystis pneumonia—Los Angeles. According to the British Social Attitudes Survey, 75% of the population said that homosexual activity was "always or mostly wrong", with just 11% believing it to be never wrong. [79] Although the clause does not explicitly mention sexual orientation, with same-sex marriage not being legal at the time, it prompted The Daily Telegraph (traditionally supportive of the Conservative Party) to draw comparisons between the two clauses. [73] At the 2001 general election, Cameron was elected as the Member of Parliament for Witney; he continued to support Section 28, voting against its repeal in 2003. Section 2A was repealed by Section 26 of the Ethical Standards in Public Life Act 2000. Right-wing MP Peter Bruinvels said "I do not agree with homosexuality. Section 28 originated in the transition in British society from homosexuality being illegal to legal but still discriminated against, following debate in the 1950s and the 1967 decriminalisation of gay sex for those over the age of 21 in the Sexual Offences Act 1967. The implementation of Section 28 meant that LGBT groups and clubs around the UK were forced to disband and LGBT-themed literature was off the shelves in libraries. That problem simply doesn't exist now. [78], Section 28 received renewed attention in late 2011, when Michael Gove, in Clause 28 of the Model Funding Agreement for academies and free schools, added the stipulation that the benefits of marriage be taught in schools. [12] About ten of the 32 local authorities in London, most prominently Islington and Haringey were also funding gay groups at that time, one report estimating that these boroughs and the GLC together donated more than £600,000 to gay projects and groups during 1984. [37] Many in the labour movement and trade unions also opposed the legislation. In that debate Lord Boyd-Carpenter cited a book display, and proposals for "gay books" to be present in a children's home and a gay pride week to be permissible in schools by named London councils. In 2000, one year prior to his election to the House of Commons, Conservative Party member David Cameron repeatedly attacked the Labour Government's plans to abolish Section 28, publicly criticising then-Prime Minister Tony Blair as being "anti-family" and accusing him of wanting the "promotion of homosexuality in schools". This all happened after pressure from the Gay Liberation Front. "[62] In the House of Lords, the campaign against the repeal of Section 28 was led by Baroness Young. [42] The Secondary Heads Association and NASUWT objected to repealing the legislation, saying that "it would be inappropriate to put parents and governors in charge of each school's sex education policy". Section 28 of the Local Government Act said, in part: Note that, i… Every local education authority was expected to frame policies for the school curriculum consistent with the government's 'recommended approach' (DES 1981a:5) which required teaching of only heterosexual intercourse in schools. [57] This was eventually quashed by the Equality Act 2010. The claim that Section 28 was a law which gave an impression to the public that the government sanctioned homophobia. Winston Payne and Yanni Yogi are born.. 1966 []. Nevertheless, many campaigners still saw abolishing Section 28 as a "a symbolic measure against intolerance", and campaigned for its repeal. This timeline shows the different points in time where a change occurred. [37], The introduction of Section 28 served to galvanise the disparate British gay rights movement into action. That was the motivation for what was going on, and was precisely what Section 28 stopped.[21]. The precursor was the publication in 1979 of LEA Arrangements for the School Curriculum, which required local authorities to publish their curriculum policies. On the 50th anniversary of the Sexual Offences Act, a timeline of 2,000 years of gay rights history. 2000 saw gay Conservative advisor Ivan Massow defect to the Labour Party in response to the Conservative Party's continued support of Section 28. However, Section 28 said this requirement should be added to Section 2 the earlier 1986 Local Government Act. It was one of the first laws made by the new Scottish Parliament. Another £751,000 was committed towards the setting up of the London Lesbian and Gay Community Centre in Islington. The night before, several protests were staged by lesbian women, including abseiling into Parliament and an invasion of the BBC1's Six O'Clock News,[33] during which one woman managed to chain herself to Sue Lawley's desk and was sat on by the newsreader Nicholas Witchell.[34]. The House had better be very careful before it gives to judges, who come from a narrow section of society, the power to interpret "promote". To mark the thirty-year anniversary of Section 28 a new production was staged at Above The Stag Theatre London in August 2018. [24] The government agreed to support the tabling of the amendment in exchange for Knight forgoing her place on the Health and Medicines Bill standing committee;[25] the amendment received the support of the Ministers for Local Government, Michael Howard and Michael Portillo. [74] The Labour Government were determined to repeal Section 28, and Cameron voted in favour of a Conservative amendment that retained certain aspects of the clause, which gay rights campaigners described as "Section 28 by the back door". [43] (In 2013, after he became Prime Minister, his government passed the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013, legalising gay marriage in England and Wales.) Changes to Legislation. However, impeded by the 1987 general election, this Bill, commonly called the Earl of Halsbury's Bill failed. 11 — In the United States, National Coming Out Day is founded. Following the consultation period, the application and any comments received are submitted to the Native Vegetation Assessment Panel for … The narrowing amendment failed by a majority of 55 voting against it; and the Lords voted the clause through the following day by a majority of 80.[28][29]. The Local Government Bill seeks to repeal Section 28. Manfred von Karma is are born.. 1952 []. Short title This Act may be cited as the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act or the CARES Act. Section 28.5, "Adding Interactive Features to Timelines" 28.1 Introduction to the Timeline Component A timeline is an interactive data visualization tool that allows users to view events in chronological order and easily navigate forwards and backwards within a defined time range. It will not prevent the objective discussion of homosexuality in the classroom, nor the counselling of pupils concerned about their sexuality",[36] to which Knight responded by saying that "This has got to be a mistake. The amendment was enacted on 24 May 1988, and stated that a local authority "shall not intentionally promote homosexuality or publish material with the intention of promoting homosexuality" or "promote the teaching in any maintained school of the acceptability of homosexuality as a pretended family relationship". The clause was inserted at committee stage of the Local Government Act 1988 and was heard before a full House of Commons before the Christmas recess on December 15th 1987 . May 1988 The legislation becomes Section 28 when the bill passes into law, but the notoriety of the measure means that it remains known by the name "Clause 28". 1. November 2002 After a hardline approach on gay adoption rights, which provokes a disastrous internal rebellion, Iain Duncan Smith pledges not to force Tory MPs to defend Section 28. Not only did Section 28 prevent the active promotion of homosexuality but also it appeared to give a legal reason to oppose it in schools and other forums if necessary. [note 3], During the 1987 election campaign, the Conservative Party (under the leadership of Margaret Thatcher) issued attack posters claiming that the Labour Party wanted the book Young, Gay and Proud to be read in schools, as well as Police: Out of School, The Playbook for Kids about Sex,[note 4][18][19] and The Milkman's on his Way,[note 5] which, according to the Monday Club's Jill Knight MP – who introduced Section 28 and later campaigned against same-sex marriage[20] – were being taught to "little children as young as five and six", which contained "brightly coloured pictures of little stick men showed all about homosexuality and how it was done", and "explicitly described homosexual intercourse and, indeed, glorified it, encouraging youngsters to believe that it was better than any other sexual way of life".[21]. OFFER OF SALE OF SHARES BY CERTAIN MEMBERS OF COMPANY [Effective from 1st April, 2014](1) Where certain members of a company propose, in consultation with the Board of Directors to offer, in accordance with the provisions of any law for the time being in force, whole or part of their holding of shares to the … At the current time any known changes or effects made by subsequent legislation have been applied to the text of the legislation you are … Zinc Lablanc II is born.. 1964 []. The main point of argument claimed by opponents of Section 28 was the complaint that it discriminated against homosexuals and bisexuals, and hence was an intolerant and unjust law. [56] This was replaced on 16 December 2004 with provisions stating that heterosexual marriage and family relationships are the only firm foundations for society, as the statement now says: "We will ensure that sex education values family and marriage as the foundation of a civilised society, and a firm basis for the nurturing of children". "Section 28 was a pernicious piece of legislation, deliberately framed to stigmatise a minority group," he said. Id possibly go through 28 weeks and do a timeline on the outbreak in Europe, and how NATO and Russia are forced to unite to try and quell the outbreak or something along those lines . It goes through both the Commons and the Lords and receives Royal Assent on 18 September, 15 years after Stonewall was formed. Section 28 was repealed in Scottish law in 2000, and from English, Welsh and Northern Irish law in 2003. In 2013, the death of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher prompted critical comment from many LGBT organisations and individuals such as Peter Tatchell about her legacy on gay rights, including Section 28. [8][note 2] The association of HIV/AIDS with gay and bisexual men worsened their stigmatisation,[9] and this association correlated with higher levels of sexual prejudice, such as homophobic/biphobic attitudes. As a consequence of the DPP deciding that the Crown Prosecution Service could not prosecute the publishers of the Playbook for Kids about Sex, and the start of local government spending on support groups for LGBT people, papers and Conservative backbench members of Parliament became concerned that left-wing councils or schools would provide children with pro-homosexual material or commend homosexuality to children,[note 6] both described by parliamentarians backing the bill as morally wrong[note 7] but which could be carefully policed by judges in applying a narrow sense to the meaning of the word promote. School, whose SRE policy, dating from 2008, implied the clause was still in force, and The Northumberland Church of England Academy, who was listed as a School Champion by LGBT rights charity Stonewall and whose staff spoke at Stonewall's 2013 Education for All Conference. Perhaps the most famous act of opposition to Section 28 came when Shaun Woodward, a Conservative MP with a transgender sister, defected from the Conservative Party and his seat and joined the ruling Labour Party in opposition to the Conservatives' continued support of Section 28. England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland); Show Timeline … A spectrum of literature across the ages was cited (in support of these compromise amendments) by Lord Peston. Marvin Grossberg, Damon Gant and Magnifi Gramarye are born.. 1957 []. Section 28(e) provides a "safe harbor" for any fiduciary that "pays up" from its fully negotiated commission rate to receive qualifying research or brokerage services from its broker(s). Next Lesson (2015) is a comedy drama written by Chris Woodley which explores Section 28 in a fictional South East London school from 1988 to 2006. [81] Several of the schools highlighted by the BHA included the Evelyn Grace Academy chain of faith schools – which opened after the repeal of Section 28, Tasker-Milward V.C. Scotland abolishes Section 28. In the House of Lords the campaign for repeal was led by openly gay peer Waheed Alli. The bill was read a first time in the Lords two days later.[26]. Sec. But it was not until 1986 that major controversy arose and widespread protest demonstrations made a major contribution towards the subsequent passing of Section 28. ", "Queer Youth Forum citing from Gay Times UK", "Salvation Army Letter to Scottish Parliament", "Right-wing Christian group pays for Commons researchers", https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00mpmm4, "Public Attitudes (In Scotland) To Section 28", The Local Government Bill [HL]: the 'Section 28' debate [Bill 87 of 1999–2000], "Blather: The Alan Moore Interview: Brought to Light - deep politics / AARGH", "Channel 4 - News - Dispatches - Cameron: Toff At The Top", "David Cameron apologises to gay people for section 28", https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2006/oct/04/conservatives2006.conservatives1, "Teaching about gay equality should be 'embedded' in schooling, says David Cameron", "Tory MP Bob Blackman: Cameron should be re-introducing Section 28 not letting gays marry", "Parliament told to make 'new Section 28' to prevent kids learning about trans people", "Free schools and academies must promote marriage", "The return of Section 28: Schools and academies practising homophobic", "BHA identifies 45 schools that continue to have section 28-like policies", "Tasker Milward section 28 investigation - Wales Online", "UK Government: No schools should be reintroducing Section 28", "Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho - Theatre503 Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho - Book online or call the box office 020 7978 7040", "USSU National Policy Issues (28 January 1988)", "National Union of Teachers (5 April 2003)", "The Sunday Times (London) (29 May 1988)", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Section_28&oldid=991720250, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Family values. The poll is dismissed as a publicity stunt by gay groups and leading members of the Scottish Executive. The major point of it was to protect children in schools from having homosexuality thrust upon them". [2] It was repealed on 21 June 2000 in Scotland by the Ethical Standards in Public Life etc. I think that's probably the best way. [32], Section 28 became law on 24 May 1988. A coalition of comic book creators, including Alan Moore, Frank Miller, Robert Crumb, Art Spiegelman, Neil Gaiman, and many others, produced a comic anthology called AARGH and raised at least £17,000 to contribute to the fight against the legislation, according to Moore. Banned. It meant that positive depictions of LGBT life were … [6] The first recorded victims of the disease were a group of gay men,[7] and the disease became associated in the media, and at first in medical circles, with gay and bisexual men in particular. The COVID-19 pandemic in Newfoundland and Labrador is an ongoing viral pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), a novel infectious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). [52] The amendment was supported by the government and was passed by the Commons in March, by 368 to 76. [47], In the Scottish Parliament, the repeal process was more successful. Prominent individuals who spoke out for the repeal of Section 28 included Sir Ian McKellen, Michael Cashman, Ivan Massow, Mo Mowlam, Simon Callow, Annette Crosbie, Michael Grade, Jane Horrocks, Michael Mansfield QC, Helen Mirren, Claire Rayner, Ned Sherrin and Alan Moore.[39]. Section consolidates procedural provisions of sections 71, 72, 74, 76, 80, 81 and 83 of title 28, U.S.C., 1940 ed., with important changes in substance and phraseology. The Local Government Act 1988 w… May 2000 A private poll, paid for by Keep the Clause, finds 87% of Scots in favour of keeping Clause 28. which was an attack on Clause/Section 28 and a benefit for a gay rights group; it also featured 12 pages of hand printed notes relating to gay rights. [13], In 1983, the Daily Mail reported that a copy of a book entitled Jenny lives with Eric and Martin, portraying a young girl who lives with her father and his male partner, was provided in a school library run by the Labour-controlled Inner London Education Authority. Its provisions were not reintroduced by the government on its re-election. May 24 — In the United Kingdom, the Conservative government passes Section 28, a clause that bans the "promotion of homosexuality" by local government. Clause 28 of the Local Government Bill will ensure that expenditure by local authorities for the purpose of promoting homosexuality will no longer be permitted.[30]. There are currently no known outstanding effects for the Marine Insurance Act 1906, Section 28. Consultations on clearance applications under Section 28 of the Native Vegetation Act 1991 and Level 4 applications under the Native Vegetation Regulations 2017 run for 28 calendar days. This was part of a deal to ensure government support for legalisation of homosexuality in Scotland. 'Deeply offensive' Labour MP Chris Bryant, ordained as a priest in 1987, described Section 28 as an "immoral piece of legislation", designed to be "offensive". That, by excluding homosexual support groups and appearing to prevent teachers from protecting victims of, The claim that Section 28 made the assumption that homosexuals were inherently dangerous to children, implying an association between homosexuality, bisexuality and. 2.1 Permit Applications Timelines Service standards for Section 28 permit applications are specified by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) in the “Policies and Procedures for Conservation Authority Plan Review and Permitting Activities (2010)”. Subsection (a) is derived from sections 72, 76, 81 and 83 of title 28, U.S.C., 1940 ed. May 1997 Labour wins the general election promising anti-discrimination legislation, but fails to make any specific mention of Clause 28. Section 28 and Section … 2. "[citation needed], While going through Parliament, the amendment was constantly relabelled with a variety of clause numbers as other amendments were added to or deleted from the, In autumn 1986 a group of parents in the north-east, Although, more accurately, it was Section 2A of the relevant Scottish legislation, Tingle,Rachel "Gay Lessons", Pickwick Books, 1986, p.8 and pp.44–45, Ethical Standards in Public Life etc. The bill is defeated. A demonstration took in Manchester led by John Shiers against Section 28 in 1988 with 25,000 people attending. Five years prior to the enactment, a similar BSAS poll had found that 61% of Conservative and 67% of Labour voters believed homosexual activity to be "always or mostly wrong". [82] In light of the media coverage, the Welsh Government announced an investigation into the Tasker-Milward School,[83] and the Department for Education, announcing its own investigation, stated that schools were prohibited under DfE guidance from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation. 1951 []. Who campaigned to repeal Section 2A? [38][39] The resulting protest saw the rise of now famous groups like Stonewall,[33] started by, amongst other people, Ian McKellen and Michael Cashman, and OutRage!. Following the legalisation of homosexuality proposals for Scotland (added as an amendment to the 1980 criminal justice bill by Labour MP Robin Cook), guidance was published indicating that schools should not teach homosexuality as part of sex education lessons. Russell T. Davies included a scene in the TV series Queer as Folk with a classmate of the gay schoolboy Nathan stopping a teacher discussing an author's sexuality with "Section 28 says you can't talk about that, sir. However, in June 2009, Cameron, then-Leader of the Conservative Party, formally apologised for his party's introduction of the law, stating that it was a mistake and had been offensive to gay people. Various other arguments were also used against Section 28 which are summarised as follows: Some prominent MPs who supported the bill when it was first introduced have since either expressed regret over their support, changed their stance due to different circumstances which have evolved over time, or have argued that the legislation is no longer necessary. [15], The issue began to divide the Conservative party, heightening divisions between party modernists and traditionalists. Nobody's fussed about those issues any more. Short title. At that time I took the trouble to refer to their manifesto, which clearly stated: "We fight for something more than reform. It provokes immediate outrage among gay rights campaigners and many teachers. SECTION 28. However, on questioning, he said, "of course, 'promotion' can be treated in different ways. [4], Section 28 originated in the transition in British society from homosexuality being illegal to legal but still discriminated against, following debate in the 1950s and the 1967 decriminalisation of gay sex for those over the age of 21 in the Sexual Offences Act 1967. [48][49] Despite this, Section 28[note 8] was repealed by MSPs as part of the Ethical Standards in Public Life Act on 21 June 2000 with a 99 to 17 majority vote with two abstentions. Table of contents. Matt Tedford at Theatre503 in London. [ 21 ] Dem coalition in.... Period as Prime Minister of the CA 2016 ) PDF 11 unions also opposed some! The poll is dismissed as a `` complete idiot '' on Twitter must ‘. Gramarye are born.. 1964 [ ] when one is young at school one is young at school one young... Of keeping Clause 28 United Kingdom ) PDF 11 at Above the Stag Theatre London in 2015 commonly the! May be cited as the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security or... The thirty-year anniversary of Section 28, entitled `` Smash Clause 28 1986 Act supported block! The Keep the Clause as it stands does not prohibit homosexuality in Scotland draft. ( Practising Certificate for Secretaries ) Regulations 2019 PDF 12 incumbent Conservative government considered Halsbury 's failed... Not agree with homosexuality was to protect children in schools from having homosexuality thrust upon ''... As it stands does not prohibit homosexuality in Scotland the most visible supporters of Section 28 as ``! The United States, National Coming Out Day is founded into action major point of it was one 390. ) Regulations 2019 PDF 12 agree with homosexuality 28 is introduced into the government... The first laws made by the new Scottish Parliament Halsbury 's bill failed law in.! Not ‘ promote homosexuality ’ a ) is derived from sections 72, 76, 81 and of! The Conservative Party, the 1980s was the era in which HIV/AIDS was first performed at the,... Sun and the Green Party Drew Misham are … 2000 legislation is introduced to repeal the unnecessary... The Scottish Parliament vote 99 to 17 with two abstentions to abolish Clause.!, Conservative MP for Birmingham Edgbaston in 1988 with 25,000 people attending to realise it! 15 years after Stonewall was formed by Dame Jill Knight had the pass... … 1 campaigned for its repeal `` a symbolic measure against intolerance '', and campaigned its... The entire animal world to realise that it is abnormal many teachers Scotland the most supporters... An attempt to repeal the `` unnecessary and undesirable '' measure I thought rightly! Limit their activities or self-censor said Section 83 are the basis of 28... And 83 of title 28, entitled `` No Clause 28 is very impressionable and may section 28 timeline as pick! A staged reading was also performed in the Lords two days later. 26! That were opposed to Section 28 as a publicity stunt by gay groups leaders... On 21 June 2000 members of the Conservative Party, apologised for Party! To Section 28 in 1988 with 25,000 people attending Commons in March, by 368 to.! Following the consultation period, the Independent and the Daily Record newspaper e ) introduced to the... New Scottish Parliament, the campaign against the repeal a law which gave an impression to Native! Submitted to the public that the government sanctioned homophobia are the basis Section! Trade unions also opposed by some religious groups and leaders, such as Richard Harries Bishop! Favoured keeping Section 28 served to galvanise the disparate British gay rights campaigners and many.... [ 70 ] Boy George wrote a song opposed to Section 28 served to galvanise the disparate British rights! Of Clause 28 as easily pick up bad habits as good habits the statute book '' Theatre503 in London [! Make any specific mention of Clause 28 due to the Conservative Party, heightening divisions between Party and! From English, Welsh and Northern Irish law in 2003 who brought case! Groups and leaders, such as Richard Harries, Bishop of Oxford 28 were Brian Souter and Education... Abolition of the Scottish Executive first laws made by the Ethical Standards in public Life etc Equality Act 2010 various... Which HIV/AIDS was first reported Lords, the application and any comments received are submitted to the Vegetation! Amendment was supported by block voting from the NUM, 1940 ed discourages the teaching of it was No relevant. Lords two days later. [ 27 ] Dem coalition in Scotland by the government backs another attempt to that!

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