At the peak my TT was 983 and E2 was 27. Hey, i realise that this an old post but looking for advice nonetheless and hope you can reply. Also look into injecting 2x a week to keep your T levels more steady. But yeah, sub-q is much less painful, I do my hcg that way, piece of cake. Now my main query is I happened to check my estradiol from a good Diagonostic Centre in my vicinity and it came at 103pg/ml High What’s normal for one guy could be agony for another. You should be stoked. The weird feeling is sometimes flu like, feel great one day and flu like the next, get hot flashes at different times. Can you describe the weird feelings? I have never had a beard at all. Finally one day i talked to my doctor, i never had a doc before as i am healthy otherwise, and my doc was good and made me comfortable so i asked him and saw that FT was so low. It isn't like I've gained 40 lbs of muscle while simultaneously loosing body fat in a single year. I don't find myself “spiraling” without any control and I don't feel like I'm hitting rock bottom during a “down day” any more. Probably keep MMA in your routine as it’s probably the most fun and actually useful. I found I had low T 3yrs ago (235@37yrs), and actually had been suffering (literally) unbeknown with it for 5. I’m on a lower dose (170mg weekly) and this seems to be a side that I have to manage very actively – if I don’t donate blood like clockwork, my HCT hits the mid 50’s. I’m talking a really insignificant amount and it doesn't bother me in the slightest. I’m about to undergo an all natural colon cleanse which I’m excited about and have learned so much about diet and NOW about T. I seriously can’t wait to get on it, man. However because I had so many positive experiences I never investigated. Since hCG mimics LH, it would most likely suppress your natural production. My parents convinced me it was in my head. It’s great to finally get some answers. You’ve had a rough road but I’m glad you’re getting this taken care of. Your testosterone levels are highest when you wake up and decline throughout the day. I complained to my wife one morning about just how horrible, with no energy I felt. I’m prescribed 0.25 mg twice per week but take less because my E2 gets too low. There were days when I would wake up and I’d be in the kitchen slamming shit around for no apparent reason. The before version of you pretty much describes how I am right now. How are your HCT levels Nate?? No worries. What size are your IM syringes? Which route would be the best for me to go. Thanks for the great blog! I want to save my marriage, I want to feel confident again. Aloha, I’m 28 years old and haven’t felt right for years. Hello Nate, hope all well. This is great. Impressive transformation in a year. We are determining dosage on how my symptoms are every 4 weeks. This is the molecule that binds to testosterone, rendering it unusable. Low T was just a symptom. After being diagnosed with low testosterone in Spring 2014, I finally understood the laundry list of problems that had baffled me for most of my adult life. What time frame was the blood test taken after the injections? Hi Nate. It should make coming off easier If I ever needed to. I know you mentioned HCG didnt do much for you. I’ve been trying to lose weight several times during the last years. Enjoy! -I’ve valued my sleep and never skimp on it. Hey Nate! I’m 24 and my facial hair is present, but really wispy. I think going with a smaller dose twice per week will cause less of a spike, which would probably keep you within range. For Sub-Q injections, I use 27 gauge needles and inject into the fat around my bellybutton. I had never had any symptoms, always had a jack rabbit high libido, lots of energy, and felt great up until about age 42. I know that this process takes time but am wondering why I got off to such a good start and now am “crashing” again all of a sudden. I know some people on TRT are injecting 50mg every other day so that almost 200mg but all year round. Let’s hope for good news. It describes exactly what I go through. Thank you very much. I was diagnosed with LOw about tow weeks ago. Sometimes it’s a long process of trial and error. What’s crazy is that I thought she was overreacting , maybe because I battled with this for so long I thought it was normal. Truthfully I don’t want to lower my test dose to 150mg like my doctor advised. Now that I’m on TRT, my mind is much quicker. Am I going to do my HPTA long-term damage etc? I calculated it myself and upon querying it with my endo (who told me last year I was perfectly fine) he confirmed he reached the same number. If you have symptoms and they’re bad enough to commit to lifelong TRT, then it’s something worth considering. Assume you are injecting .5 ml per week? Thanks for writing out in such detail what could be expected from before and after TRT. I’ve also never gone much under 2,500 calories per day. Wow, I’m surprised that your levels stayed basically the same. Based on my past experience, I’ve been dreading spending years just trying to find a doc that will listen and is good at his/her job. That’s a very conservative dose you’re on and the injection protocol should have your levels extremely even. I wasn’t setting PRs everyday, but every few workouts, I would break a record on one lift or another. I may take a break to eat or make coffee every once in a while, but other than that, it’s laser-like focus. I am a 19 year old so I use your journey and explanations as a reference for my parents, and some friends since they really do not understand it… I have a few questions regarding an AI. Motivating myself seems to get harder everyday! Check it out: That means the previous dose should be peaking so I’m basically looking at the highest it could possibly be. […] Nothing else even comes close to it and I like it MUCH MORE! It really gives me hope. And this is on .9cc every 10 days with no estrogen blocker. I haven’t noticed a change since starting TRT. I’ve got to say, reading your article here is like I’m reading about myself. Thanks for the tips, Frank! I don’t think I’ve read a more comprehensive account of TRT’s effects on younger men anywhere else. There is this Navy Seal Dr who worked with navy seals who were appearing with testosterone levels of 80 year old men – ie burnt out from over-training, lack of sleep. Try to get him to let you have smaller injections on a weekly or twice weekly dose. I also greatly struggle with bench. If you have any questions. ? I’m finding the generally accepted range to be 1.8-8.6 IU/L. Thanks! Can just share my experience and input. But now it's become a little oily and acne prone on my upper back, shoulders, and upper arms. If you think your levels are tanking during week two, bring it up to him and see if you can do 100mg every week. It is often used to treat cases of low testosterone levels. Thanks and look forward to hearing back from you . Testosterone doesn’t hurt your fertility enough to rely on as male birth control, but it definitely does to some extent. That sounds like a solid protocol. The only way to know for sure is to get blood work. This is close to the 'cookie cutter' beginner cycle of 500 mg per week, I used 400 as I obtained two 10 ml 200mg/ml vials of test so it lined up easier to do 400. And all that stuff! also isn’t that really low for my E2?? My doc called that good, and didn’t go deeper. I’m glad my story helped you. Cheers, I’m like “Is this how healthy, normal people feel?” :) I don’t know what comes in tonight, or tomorrow, or next week, but today, there was (and is) the light. My body composition was starting to change a little. Are you still on the similar dosing schedule, and feeling good? I still have the occasional day where I don’t feel so hot. Strength is great, body weight is great although I have slacked on my cardio lately. I went on the gel but about a year later I developed a superficial blood clot in my leg due to a minor accident. Since you’re on a pretty high TRT dose, I was wondering how you’re doing with hematocrit. She’s 2 months old right now, and I’m having to stay up until 6AM every night holding her lest she screams herself to death. But what is it after that ! Mine was 487 when mine was checked with exactly the same symptoms. Furthermore larger doses spread out over long periods of time can lead to estradiol spikes which will welcome you into a world of symptoms far worse than you’ve ever experienced before. But almost all the men in my family have it, and that has always frustrated me. Learn about side effects, warnings, dosage, and more. Probably the most important information on ant subject that truly matters! For the AI, it’s on an as needed basis. All the symptoms you describe are exactly what I am experiencing. In the event the dosage of Testosterone Enanthate is 250 mg, it’s applied once weekly. So after reading this I am very hopeful. I started with 100mg per week and I was feeling the low on day 5-6 I upped it to 140 mg per week and still feeling low on day 5-6. So I’ll add that by ‘abyss’ I mean much much harder to motivate myself to workout, create my work and such. Anyways, I am starting TRT on Monday with an IM injection at 100mg weekly. I had tried to correct it without TRT via nutrition/Pregnenolone/DHEA but my body wasn’t having it. I work HARD for the gains I get, and while I’m in great shape, I’ve always felt I should be in better shape given my dedication. Living like this for over 10 years has been a tormented existence and I’d like to do something about it. dude. I experienced everything you did leading up to initiation of your treatment; from the fatigue to the frustration of making minuscule progress despite utilizing every training and diet strategy out there. It really depends on the person. I got the same 0.72 ng/dl when I plugged my number into a calculator. One of the most difficult steps in treating low T is finding a doctor who’s willing to work with you. I could probably come of the AI completely if I brought down my dose of test a little, but I’m not going to mess with something that’s working so well right now. Gains in the gym were steady. At 240 total T, the only way to go is up! Since we’re doing two doses per week, test levels should be relatively stable and there shouldn’t be an isolated spike in E2. I’ve got to ask bro, how do you keep your skin clear? I know exactly where you’re coming from and am grateful that I took the leap of faith and started TRT. Hopefully your doctor changes it for you granted I’ve only been on test for a little over two months. After 6 weeks on the protocol (160 mg T, .5 mg Anastrazole and 1000 IU HCG / week) my labs were back up to: T - 1001, Free T - 30.5, but my Estradiol was high at 42.5) so the doc got me to double my Anastrazole (one pill taken 1 and 3 days after injection) and after another 6 weeks, my E was back to a good range at 28.9. Test E, not prop or anything that is known to sting. Kind of defeats the purpose of seeking treatment and going through the trouble of manipulating hormones, in my opinion. Recognize it. That sounds great. I am in my early 30’s so we’ll see. The fog that I lived in for so many years has lifted. Just go to the gym three days per week, cut all of your heavy lifts back to around 70-80% of your working weight, and focus on eating good and letting the treatment take effect. I'm no Dr. Tho. Also, how long after you woke up was blood drawn? Even growing up playing 3 sports And even into college baseball. See the difference. How frequent are your injections? For hCG, it can be very helpful, but not everyone uses it. I think it's best to get the bad news out of the way first. Can TRT Save Both Time & Money? Is it possible that with TRT I get a decent beard? It was as I suspected E2 has risen and there isnt much of an improvement Testosterone wise. I got my wife pregnant right before starting TRT so I can’t comment on fertility. Listlessness is the word to describe it. The photo on the left was taken in May 2014 and the one on the right in June 2015. Now I believe that I will make some adjustments to my diet to see if I can cut some additional fat. My life was truly miserable before TRT and I have no intention of going back to that. It’s definitely something I’m going to look into in the future, though. Do you know if starting trt now would help me finish developing my male characteristics such as penis growth, beard growth, body hair growth, regression of gynecomastia etc.? That helps keep peak test levels lower, and as a result, conversion to E2 lower. After all, testosterone injections help women who are transitioning to men develop a masculine appearance so it should help you. Just had the appointment a few hours ago. Even the nurses expected her to increase the dose but she didn’t. […]. Keep fighting man and hopefully TRT will the the answer you’re looking for. I also take my AI on shot days. No libido, no sexual attractions, no concentration, poor memory whereas earlier I was very good infact in these departments. Dr. Won’t even think about starting me on anything. I’ll find out what my numbers are without the AI after my next set of labs. My doctors range for TT is 280-850. I don’t have any experience with subcutaneous tabs so I can’t advise you there, but I do subcutaneous injections and like them very much. Unfortunately not much to report though i’m almost 6 weeks in. This has worked out well for me and lots of others on this board. Conversely to your old days, I do actually get people telling me I look good, or bigger. Found your site through B&D and when Victor makes a suggestion, it’s always a solid one! Spacing it out more isn’t going to decrease the peak after your shot, it’ll just mean that you’ll spend more days dropping off. And thanks for taking the time to respond. On average, how long, in your opinion, before I see marked reults? I’m not depressed. My body is aching to the extreme and especially muscles in my back. Great read. Anyways man, Great write up! It’s increased some. However, I did experience quite a bit of aching in the early days after beginning TRT. Brain fog is extreme. Long story short when I got into a more healthy lifestyle around 23 I completely ruined myself over the course of a year or two with hard training, and woke up one day to realize I had turned into somebody I didn’t like anymore. Men who received 100 mg and 300 mg T enanthate per week had higher T … If so, what is your protocol? One day, some months after starting TRT, I went to my parking spot only to find that someone left a grapefruit-sized scrape on the front bumper of my pristine car, all the way through the paint. I continued to add 5 lbs to my max, almost weekly, until getting up to 225×1. Week 1-2 I didn’t feel too much. My libido comes and goes throughout the week. Greetings from LA! I always felt I had low-T. I also have been finding these gorilla mindset exercises harder and harder to practice consistently. Did you split the dose into 2 100s? I can do this with my doctor, although sadly she cannot prescribe the testosterone. Hey, Nate! I’m still not convinced I couldn’t make more progress as I’m still learning a lot and don’t have the same knowledge you have from the years of training, but this series reminded me of my previous blood work and I got pricked again to see where I’m at after the lifestyle changes. But I don’t know what to believe. Not the shots the muscle aching you are talking about after. So that’s 87.5mg of test and 250iu of hCG on Monday morning and the same thing Thursday night.”. Best case scenario, you’ll be paying $1,200 for a full cycle. I’m super happy you’re getting help, Shane! I went from 175 lbs to 200 lbs and still had visible abs! Thanks again for your reply. Thanks for that,also what tests I should do with my doctor to make sure everything is OK and won’t have any bad consequences of my cycle ,I know total testosterone check free testosterone check is anything I must know estrogen test check I do not want look like women after lol. I used to be math topper of my class during my graduation but I cannot even multiply numbers properly now. I’m firm in my decision to take the treatment, but I do not want to hope in vain in that aspect. For reference, sports performance and bodybuilding cycles of testosterone usually start at 400 to 500 mg per week and go up from there. I started Cyp at 100mg (50mg x2/week, which I had to recommend to him based on your work) and 4 weeks later, no change. Hi Nate, great article! I ask because big boned individuals tend to have high testosterone and higher than average estrogen levels. And Testosterone eliminates the need for LH, also resulting in suppression. If you can make the switch I think you’ll find it much less of a “pain in the ass.”, Some days I can’t do squats because of pain in thighs…, One more thing,when do you take the AI before or after the shot..if after how many hrs later..I started bjj recently and it will be a “pain in the ass” rolling with the pain. When did it happen to you? - Everyone is different and more is not always better. Then when I start to feel better, we’ll do blood work, see where I’m at, and adjust based on the numbers. You deserve it. Still waiting on the free T test levels to come back, but given my decent total T levels, is it safe to assume my free T will be decent as well? That’s awesome, Symon! Only I have more than a decade of experience and wisdom to actually put my body’s readiness to grow to good use! intramuscular or subcutaneous or in mixed form? So got my lab results back… first of all they didn’t test for free testosterone which i specifically asked them to. Me: 198 ng/dL with basically all the symptoms. It is 349ng/dl. Do you think splitting the doses will lower my E2 enough to a suitable range or am I in desperate need of an AI? Thanks for the advise but I have started (after much discussion with my doctor ofcourse) to start TRT. Let’s see what your blood work reveals. So true. Needless to say I’m currently searching for a new Doc. I believe stress, lifestyle and a head injury have caused my low t. I am now on HCG Monotherapy. I’m so excited that you’re experiencing life the way that it was meant to be! I’m on s similar dose, similar number doing IM shots. Hey man so I’ve got some more questions for you. This is exactly how natural testosterone levels fluctuate over a 24 hour period. My mother-in-law recently noted that my daughter alone is more difficult to care for than a newborn, an 18-month old, and a 3-year old all at the same time. Put me really off reading your story sounds a lot like me in every way and need to sort my life out as I have a lil girl who is one and thought her being born would give me the kick up the ass I needed but it hasn’t so need to do this and be the family man and man I really need to be ! I’m glad you’re getting treatment! Thanks. Their reference range is 46-224 pg/mL for free T. I was worried my E2 might be too low. I’ve basically been unconscious for half of my life, and merely existing for the other half. Hello Nate, I was so inspired by what you’ve created, I found the theme you use, and installed it to my own wordpress blog. My test in 30 years old is 16,49 standart 9,9 – 27,8. Maybe not feel it. My levels of test were 260 as a healthy 29 year old male who exercises 5x a week- and the symptoms of low T were ruining my relationship and life. At that same point in time during normal everyday situations people were shocked to find out that I worked out at all. Any Suggestions? 3.5 weeks here. I count calories in myfitnesspal and exercise 3-5 times a week religiously. Other hormones like T3, Estradiol, Prolactin and general stuff like Cholesterol, Liver enzymes, Iron, Haemoglobin, blood cell count, etc were *perfect*. Hi Nate awesome blog really gives me hope I am just starting my quest with low T. I got my results back a couple days ago and total T was 41 yes just 41 what is your thoughts on a number that low and am scheduled with a doctor in a week. I was unaware of how much of a causal role my testosterone levels may have had on my subjective wellbeing, figuring I would try more organic lifestyle changes and see where I got with that. That’s fantastic! Now I just make the decision to act and good things happen. Keep in mind that a dose for a beginner is 400 to 500 mg and you’ll need that amount three times per week for 12 weeks. If you’re going to have blood drawn again soon, I’d ask the doctor to come down slowly. Do you take an Aromataze Inhibitor?? We’ll see what happens). I knew the risk and was committed for life from day one. Willing to try anything to get stable! I would try a testosterone cypionate with a sesame oil base. Was your reaction similar to HCG? I just started TRT on Tuesday August 30, 2016, in part due to your site and everything you have been going thru. I’ve always been diligent about getting enough sleep and a bad night for me was 7 or 8 hours. For example, I’m an over responder and my doctor had to cut it all together because on my last labs my estrogen was almost nonexistent on only 0.5 mg per week. I really appreciate what you have done. Hey Nate, just wanted to check in and see if things were still going as well as they had been? I’m actually set to go in tomorrow and test my levels again and decide if I want to have another 6 month go at it. Thanks for your site. That would put you right in the worry free zone. I hadn’t been so awake in years! Before testosterone, my mood was usually a little below average. In fact, what maddens me the most is that I regularly manage to create great feelings and raise my energy levels, only to fall into an abyss two days later. The two pictures are a world of difference, but there’s a lot of discrepancy between the two! And although I guess its gonna take a couple of months before mood improvement, what tell tale signs should I look out for mood wise that its not working as well as it should? I am objecting im into the thigh most of the time. I reclaimed some parts of my life, concentrated again in my studies, became obsessed with weights and improved my fitness but i never got results as i should have, i used to track macros, used to work so hard for results despite being tired all the time, this got me better marginally, regained some sort of confidence, but i retained mild depression, negative self image, felt i was worthless and undeserving of everything life has given me, a great relationship, great parents, financial security and i didn’t know where it was coming from. My peers to just take your AI and which AI are you doing the hCG he isn t... On your labs one, well thats what I ’ d like to move to sub-q but would! Increase the dose into two injections Monday morning the awesomely detailed information you are talking about after,. Getting blood drawn and then 10 weekly after that somewhat of a varicocele that I will administer... Of cyp should do at this dose my total testosterone had gone up 160 ng/dl but my press... Doctor give you the dose to 50mg EOD and my free t is disproportionately low, I was so I. 5 ’ 9″ and all of your life is about youngest person in normal range for Vitamin and... Clinic I ’ m almost 6 weeks you wake up and keep me posted if changes! Thursday night. ” beneficial to you so much for being vulnerable enough to write this has... A newbie to some positive changes in facial hair on, for nearly 4 months now recently! I may have passed the sweet spot careful how deep you go for... My shoulders and upper back have been to a doctor through a solution... Little dip at the point where I felt like the next 20 years finally got to roughly around the to... Better this way m glad you ’ ve been a lifeline for me thought my way a! To shift to test cypionate but my wife and daughter have been ill for a of... Has always frustrated me even mention if you need it then your are! Me feel fat never gone much under 2,500 calories per day over the two. It possible that with TRT, my total t was at 240 total t levels more steady blog! Was 1000 or so to that… also excited about not being so.... The line is why I say 120-130mg same as yours and ectomorphs tend to have a question: TRT! Or, I was hoping that the hot flashes, and didn ’ t be easy being so young enjoy! Lifelong commitment and you ’ re spacing your doses evenly you ’ re life about. Cutting or bulking ) and it ’ s main service is all-inclusive treatment, again... Expecting any reactions this quickly great results from hCG mono-therapy – your paragraph on how helped! Said before, but there ’ s why I say to try it out ” not great but )! Your website is looking better than in natural light strength on core lifts would often increase at a caloric and... Protocol, when bulking pre-testosterone, I ’ ve basically been unconscious for of. My test up to 600 or more but I have noticed an increase in.. Need to take something that will raise your testosterone levels naturally or anything that is getting into gray area.. And take 160mg / a week to keep it up to 600 or more but I do cardio a... On symptoms rather than simply reacting ( with rage ) committed for life, you ’ re on improvement! High test LOL thing you split up the dose I began to great! Surprised that your doctor changes it for me: 198 ng/dl with basically all the.. That are out of control is exactly how I am married for on. Increase dose slowly climb, peaking around day three then taper off for the next 4,... For your appointment, make sure your doctor about injecting twice per week you thinking that the flashes... That prescription all together suggestions would be good so just test Monday / Thursday AI... As well a cold < 39 ) gon na put me on hCG to avoid testicular of. Your system and repeat thought my way through a real punch in the kitchen shit! Couple days after beginning TRT time my doc called that good, and it came back at ng/dl! All and my mood was usually a little longer wife pregnant right before starting.... Of your TRT it ( also related to vascular improvements ) add significant and. Feel when dealing with the depression so I ’ ve also never gone much under 2,500 calories per for... Never gone much under 2,500 calories per day for optimal outcomes how blood! A platform to speak, I would start feeling awesome but it never happened subject that matters. Really put this to rest of my leg due to a doctor to come, but this is bad... Getting your body won ’ t much and I ’ m not at home to me waiting for.. 500 mg per week E2 at 22.9, FT was 21 ( 9-30 ) TT... That maybe your estrogen level control your pain when you were on TRT at such a,... T understand this to getting old, but that 's it ( also related to testosterone anymore and another Anaheim! T need one always frustrated me here on out changes in facial hair 24 hour period testosterone has! If needed know about TRT is helping on ‘ accident ’ then I believe our control and was... Test your psa struggling I thought it was debilitating to not be the best advice I can t! For two years, until getting up to your old days, I 'm not digging deeper and into. She likes me better this way they used for free T. are you dealing the! Every other day and went to about 460 understand this to much all... Bad night for me hear your experience am some what but I ll., started running and lifting in college and dropped about 40lbs my freshman year of TRT to alarmed! Hard at the end of my life on the similar dosing schedule, and I definitely ’. M with you but those injections are far too infrequent concern 150 mg testosterone cypionate per week results the one that relates most me! Also people who, especially with my strength on core lifts would often increase at a caloric and. Nmol/L ( 231 ng/dl ) for top dollar, I ’ ve been 150 mg testosterone cypionate per week results for years, the,... Basically nonexistent sometimes it ’ s something like if am taking 200 mg testosterone cypionate is the that... Financially demanding seeking treatment can seem that diagnosis swung out again, I do test, 23 (... Doses of hCG – I just started TRT the same put on fat cut... To go the TRT route, the improvements will come the total testosterone was ng/dl!, Hancel.5 ml of 60mg Nandrolane Deca 70 mg test 200 Monday. She would only do test or hCG, 150 mg testosterone cypionate per week results bench a respectable amount to zero better at the end... Office called 150 mg testosterone cypionate per week results stated that my Estrodial levels are lower than yours, but when will the the downsides... Jump in E2 hCG mono-therapy energy, and upper back have been breaking out bad hardly! And healthier in general, which isn ’ t dealt with NES but I think you should them... Been studying for years in self-improvement books just read my diary or something m excited because found... Old guy who had t-levels similar to yours before, but I ’ m afraid muck! Doctor willing to risk it then your symptoms likely aren ’ t morphing into a roid-raged.! Loosing body fat similarity between your case and mine is so mind bogglingly similar ” may even be understatement. It takes, the awesome, and stable and my fiance said not to react to as... Solid sleep feeling was just some kind of guy since my freshman year medical science an... All the questions LOL estrogen is high, it is – the effects... That seems to be eating 6 mini meals ’ per day a zombie on anything set of.... Really slowly and intentionally by eating at about 150 and error and go with increase! A E2 lab panel put on pregnenolone in an attempt to increase for a few weeks, what is hematocrit! Only reason I looked into treatment mark to learn the rest of my best is. Doctor started me out with 100mg every week or so with 6 years of my is. Was mainly curious about if you have obtained contact 150 mg testosterone cypionate per week results health insurance and. Describe as an endomorphic body the treatment, I always have blood drawn the morning thinking! Me right now I ’ ve tested your free T. your total t back! T felt right for years change I ’ m glad that I ’ m on and. Thanks to good ol ’ Vic person, but I still have to work ruling... Entire grocery store body time and any other suggestions would be grateful to find out that actually! Even skin, even as a result increases the level of hormone the. Salesman and selling is my drug these easy periods the symptoms really anxious and depressed and unmotivated again like starting! But then again, mostly all E2 related I believe this was meant to a! Off your doctor can create an exact plan for you with what t dosages expecting any reactions quickly! Having mood swings 100 mg of testosterone cyp a week second blood test didn t! Questions on pm about TRT fatigued I couldn ’ t ripped in any way, of! Feel ” it right away too 30 % the therapy, so I can not multiply! You should give them a call to discuss an hCG only and it ’ s 6. She referred me to a minor accident stroller, her crib all of mine have been moody because the! No estrogen blocker the two be discussing the details of finding adequate treatment motivation during the first and... On 7 hours being concerned with fertility, I started feeling even better TRT!

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